Hobart, Tasmania

What is conveyancing and why do you need help with it?

Conveyancing is the legal process when transferring title ownership of a property (house or vacant land) for a seller, purchaser or when transferring legal ownership due to a change in personal circumstances. Baldwin Conveyancing is here to help you when selling, buying or transferring real estate.

Conveyancing Services

Buying property in Tasmania?

Congratulations! Buying a property in Tasmania is an exciting process and likely one of the most important moments in your life. Baldwin Conveyancing is committed to making this process simple and hassle-free, so you can enjoy the thrill of buying a property and keep this excitement from turning into stress.

Selling Your home?

Whether it is your family home or an investment property, Baldwin Conveyancing is here to make this complex and sometimes emotional process straightforward for clients. Baldwin Conveyancing provides you with easily understood information that you need to know with the selling process.

Transferring Property?

Not buying or selling, but need to transfer ownership of the title to your property? Baldwin Conveyancing can assist, whether its refinancing, matrimonial change in circumstances or a change in proportion of ownership of the title, contact Baldwin Conveyancing today to discuss the procedure and find out how we can help.

Pre-Contract Consulation

Baldwin Conveyancing offers an initial consultation whether you’re buying, selling or transferring property. Before you sign a contract, we can review the contract and explain anything you may not have considered, as well as inform you on what clauses you may consider including in your contract to protect your interests.

Already have a signed contract?

Great! Send a copy to Baldwin Conveyancing so we can start working together to ensure a smooth process for your property purchase or sale.

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